This page contains data from the 2015 and 2011 studies in reverse chronological order.


The 2015 CES was a mixed-mode survey.

A telephone survey was fielded by the Institute for Social Research at York University. This is the study’s core dataset and contains all variables from the campaign-wave, post-election wave, and mailback survey.

An online survey was fielded by purchasing panel respondents from Survey Sampling International and directing them to a survey managed by the investigators.

The online survey is available in a combined phone-plus-internet study data file. This file contains only the variables common to both modes. The modes are distinguished with a variable called mode. The file contains 4,202 telephone response records and 7,412 internet response records.

We include here a user-friendly codebook for the combined file and original questionnaires for the two surveys separately. The data files are provided in several formats but must be unzipped for use.

Web study:

Web + Phone combined files:

The correct citation for the survey is: Fournier, Patrick, Fred Cutler, Stuart Soroka and Dietlind Stolle. 2015. The 2015 Canadian Election Study. [dataset]


Data up to 2011 are available from the CES archive, hosted by the Canadian Opinion Research Archive:

The 2011 CES is also downloadable as a zip file here: CES2011 Data and Documentation (Stata and SPSS files, zipped). (Updated May 20, 2016).

All survey questionnaires are available both in CATI script, and in “clean” formats that are easier to read. Note that each survey wave is a different questionnaire: CPS is the Campaign Period Survey (by telephone), PES is the Post-Election Survey (by telephone), MBS is the Mailback Survey, and WEB is the final Web-based survey.

The correct citation for the survey is: Fournier, Patrick, Fred Cutler, Stuart Soroka and Dietlind Stolle. 2011. The 2011 Canadian Election Study. [dataset]

Merged 2004-2011 panel study

We are also distributing a merged file of the 2004, 2006, 2008 and 2011 CES studies. Some respondents were panelists that participated in different studies. (Full information on the specific survey waves for which each respondent is available is noted in the first variable of the dataset.) You can download that survey file in both SPSS and STATA formats here: CES 2004-2011 cumulative.