Customizing the Profile Form

This is where you determine the fields users can populate when they edit their profiles. By default, the basic department form has been set up, but you can add, rearrange, delete and edit the field settings available to you.

Getting Started

  1. Go to Profiles >Settings
  2. Click on the “Form” tab

Adding, Deleting and Rearranging Fields

Adding a field – Click and drag a field under “Inactive Fields” into where you’d like it to appear on the form.

Deleting a field – Click and drag field from the form into the “Inactive Fields” area.

Rearranging fields – Click and drag a field from the form into a new location. A dotted outline will appear beneath it to indicate where it will be deposited when you release your cursor.

Editing Individual Fields

  1. On the top right of an active field, click on Edit to expand options
  2. When you are done, click on Save

The page will indicate that there’s no need to click on a save button. This only applies to the field and tab arrangement of the form, not the settings applied to each individual field.


Adding a tab – Click on Add Tab. (You may need to use the horizontal scrollbar just below the tabs to end to see this option).

Deleting  a tab – Hover over the name of an existing tab and click on “x”.

By default, the Teaching tab is coded in such a way that it draws information from the “UBC Courses Plugin”. Even if users can type in the edit box provided, the information will not appear. It’s advised to remove this tab from the Form, so that users will not be confused.